We recognize that;

  • To practice effective governance, Leadership and management for development of organizations in both public, private and civil society institutions proper and continuous training and development is not an option but a mandatory requirement;
  • Good Governance, Leadership and Management practices are necessary for the economic transformation and social development of a country and for the improvement of the quality of life and welfare of the people. This can only be achieved by continuous knowledge advancement on what is happening around us.
  • Training forums create an avenue through which participants share ideas, exchange views and learn from the experiences of peers. Above all, they need to continuously familiarize themselves with global best practices, standards and ethics that demonstrate integrity, creativity and innovative competiveness.


The objectives of the training department are to:

  1. Carry out continuous management, leadership and corporate governance training needs analysis for our clientele;
  2. Design, develop, implement, evaluate and monitor customer driven training programmes;
  3. Create business linkages both locally and internationally for the purposes of creation of synergy and benchmarking;
  4. Organize both local and international conferences and symposia in order to create forums for the exchange and discussion of the pertinent management, leadership and governance issues affecting the business practitioners and thus come up with home grown solutions for local challenges.

The department operates within the above objectives to ensure:

  • That all professional Cadres are consciously and continuously updating their professional knowledge and improving their personal competence throughout their working life.
  • Employers get the benefit of having their productivity standards rise through improved quality, efficiency and cost-reduction.