Bridge Capacity Building and Governance Development Limited is a among the best training and consultancy firms in leadership, management & governance for private, government and non-government organizations, we believe that only through continuous training and assessment can we unlock, nurture and bring out the best of all staff members in organizations to ensure success and achieving of organizational goals.

We offer a wide range of integrated organizational and corporate governance solutions tailored to meet current and future organizational needs with expertise and competence in:

  • Corporate consulting.
  • Training on: Leadership and management, secretarial and office management, Occupational Safety and Health, Financial Management and Productivity Improvement.
  • Organisational development and research (Organization Restructuring and Change Management).
  • Corporate Team Building and Team Work.
  • Human Resource Development. Etc.

We bring together seasoned, experienced and dedicated trainers with vast experience in each of the key areas to ensure lasting transformation of your organization. Our intervention focuses on Practical innovative solutions that create impact in our client organizations, developing exceptional managers, leaders and workforce as we build long term relationships and partnerships.

We have presence in Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania through our partner organizations and we are keen on expanding further regionally.

We have training solutions spanning from low cadre staff all the way to the top management.

Our most unique training intervention targets clerical staff who are a unique cadre that has been ignored by most training institutions in the country. Beyond playing a vital role in the success of the operational aspects of the organization support staff such as drivers, messengers and clerks enhance service delivery in response to the demands and dictates of their immediate working environment. We have leadership development programs addressing middle to top management as well.

We appreciate the fact that the Kenyan government channels its training resources and efforts through the approved institutions such as Kenya School of Government. However, we are also cognizant of the fact that there are certain training aspects that may be outside the scope of the formalised training system of the government and would be keen on partnering with you in providing our designed programmes as well as in-house tailor -made government training programmes and interventions.

We thank all our clientele,  partners and donors for their contribution towards helping us achieve our mission and vision and we wish to welcome all other individuals and organizations to join us in our quest to help you obtain, improve, and retain the skills, knowledge, tools, equipment and other resources needed to ensure that all professionals in our organizations are performing at their full potential.

Thank you so much and we remain assuring you of our best services at all times.